1) Dreamed I was visiting DC, I think to visit Sanchi. I noticed an obvious military presence around the airport (Dulles, but not quite the real Dulles). Among other things, there was a huge flying-wing plane on display (or maybe just being stored) in full sight of the landing strip.

Inside the airport, which was full of stores like a large mall, I stopped into a clothing store to buy shoes and socks, which I didn't really have any formal ones, only my sneakers (life imitating art).

Shortly thereafter, I think still in this strangely equipped airport, I stepped briefly into a casino, right there in the corridor of stores, which had some gaming devices, but was mostly full of people eating buffet food. Good buffet was set in the corner.

I thought this was pretty amusing, but wasn't actually going to spend any time in there. Back in the hallway, I bumped into Mark "Pud" Lewis, who said "You want to see something cool?" and led me back to the casino. He casually began taking all the free food he could get from the buffet, including packaged things he could put in his pockets. I took a couple packets of Swiss Miss cocoa; I noticed that there was some carnation on offer as well, but since I prefer Swiss Miss, I didn't touch those. I also considered an avacado that was on the buffet table, but it evidently had been on display too long, and collapsed rottenly when I touched it, despite its perfect color.

2) dreamed I recieved a combined bank-account / credit card statement in the mail, written in multi-colored ink (most items in green, some in pink, on white paper). Most of the numbers and credit card numbers I could recognize (my actual card numbers, right companies and everything), but the words like "balance" and "credit" were mostly in Polish. (Not that I can read Polish, but I can recognize it.) There were some things in English throughout, but the small print summary translation at the bottom of the page was in German. I was not very happy about that.