Oddball dreams. Woke at just after 6, napped a bit, back up at 8:00.

1) I was boarding an aircraft in the near future (a few years worth of technology out); an entire side of the plane-- about 1/3 of the passenger compartment -- swung up (intentionally), everyone walked aboard, and then the section which had been raised was lowered. All this without stepping outside the airport lounge / boarding gate; I think the passenger compartment might have been completely modular, so that it could be snapped into which ever aircraft was ready fastest.

Now, there was a missile on board; it was normal (in this dream universe) for all civivian aircraft to have a nuclear missile (or a pair of them) aboard, right where the current space for passenger's carry-on luggage is, over the seats.

One of the missilies for our flight, though, had been jostled or for some other reason suspected of a systems malfunction, and so had to be checked. An airplane employee (late 50s, black, skinny, graying, blue uniform) came in to do some routine checks on it. Because I was seated in a row immediately facing a open-seeming area (imagine a bulkhead seat, absent the bulkhead), he raised (I think with a jack, or a hoist on the ceiling) this torpedo-sized missile up so I had a good view of the warnings and various ports all over it. Besides being a missile, it also had a number of other functions in case of emergency, like having a little chamber in which radioactive materials from some other source could be stored, and filters for various gasses. I only knew what some of these extra functions were, because I didn't have time to read all the text on the outside of the missile.

It was right in front of me for examination / cleaning or something. Most of the other passengers didn't seem to be bothered or even much interested, but I kept thinking how dangerous it was to be carrying such things on every passenger flight, and that if a terrorist wanted to quickly gain a nuclear bomb, he could just take a flight toward a country he thought would cooperate, then hijack it just before landing time.

2) Dreamed that I met a family (3 boys and their father) on a long, long car trip -- they were visiting Maryland from (Wyoming? North Dakota? Idaho?) for some sort of gathering (some sort of convention, maybe), and I got the feeling also to meet some aliens or observe a predicted astronomical event of the semi-normal variety. Father was thin, blond mustache, conservative haircut, early to mid 40s, obvious outdoorsman. They stayed in mom's house in Ellicott City, but I'm not sure how they were invited. Perhaps I invited them, or maybe they were friends-of-friends of my mom from her church.

Since he had traveled thousands of miles in a small Japanese car with 3 boys. I decided I might write a story about their visit and long journey. I went out just as they were leaving the house for the last time (to go on to the UFO or whatever) to ask if I could have their names, and if they would mind using their names in a story. It was early morning, chilly, and still dark blue in the sky. I meant to ask if they had email access as well, but decided not to press it, because the father was obviously reluctant when I asked if I could use their names in print.

"Welll ... I'd rather y'didn't, unless there was a real life or death reason why it would be helpful," something like that. I had no such reason (other than adding detail to the story, there was no great benefit), and he didn't volunteer their last name. I asked if I might know at least the ages of the boys, and he said Yes, again after some consideration. The ages he named were 17, 12 and 8. I thought they looked much younger, by about 2 years apiece, but did not say anything.

The entire family was very cordial and well-mannered, appeared to have little money but not necessarily to be poor in any other way.