1. I was in hotel room at a conference, along with several other OSDN website workers, with a PR woman from IBM (sitting on the bed next to me), who wanted to know how to contact someone named Maria at sourceforge.com. I paged through a text file on my computer containing notes and contact information to find that I did in fact have an entry -- just "maria -- maria@newsforge.com," no additional information -- and gave it to her. I had been thinking that perhaps she meant "Tina" (Gasparson) instead because I could not recall anyone named Maria at Newsforge, and so was quite surprised to find that I did have Maria in there.

  2. Dinner at Andre Lee's family's place. Not sure how it was I got there, but I was eating dinner with Andre and her family, including a (fictional) elder sister. Andre's father was also on TV for some reason, being quoted on a news program I think, and the family was watching and commenting on his appearance. Ben and his wife were there, but not saying much; he had grown his hair much longer. Mrs. Lee was pleasant towards me but slightly suspicious, Mr. Lee just seemed resigned to my presence. Andre was cordial, but was clearly cautious in her dealings -- friendly but still with a certain distance, art imitates life, etc.

    Her sister (the imaginary one) was the friendliest towards me, asking me about work / opinions etc, listening carefully. I tried to find out more about what she did (since I'd never heard of her before), but she seemed uninterested in talking about herself. The place where we gathered was a smallish table in a sort of dining nook -- seemed more like an apt. in Seoul than the actual Lee household in Maryland.

    Andre was at one end, I was on a corner next to her; her brother, his wife, and the sister were on the next side, and her parents on the end. The room was made smaller by the giant projection TV in the corner opposite me; everyone sat so the corner toward the TV was empty. I remember that the maker started with M, and thought at first it said Magnavox, and after I stared at it for a bit, it resolved into Mitsubishi.

  3. Skateboarding in New York City, midday or afternoon -- was very fun, I was on a newish board with good griptape and wheels, comfortable trucks, and it ollied quite well over curbs etc. I found that people were looking at me increasingly strangely, and a few even told me I was crazy for skateboarding in the direction I was, that the neighborhood was too dangerous, etc. Since it looked OK to me ( I saw few people, but those I did see did not appear threatening), I kept going, but with greater caution, and was looking for bulletholes in buildings or obvious criminal activity, but saw none. Soon after, I reached a row of warehouses that seemed empty or at least unused, but which had a foreboding atmosphere. I looked into some windows, but saw nothing, and at that point did decide to reverse my path, since I saw no obvious way futher anyhow.