Dreamed I was one of a pair of contractors / consultants visiting the castle of a vampire who (whatever his given or claimed name) was clearly Dracul, Vlad the Impaler, etc. The other fellow was a nice enough coworker, but seemed remarkably unconcerned that this spooky gothic castle we were looking at (to evaluate condition, suggest improvements in both physical and information infrastructure) seemed to be owned by a creepy, ominous, light-fearing, wizened little old man who reminded one of a bat, even without flicking his tongue in and out.

I was fascinated by the place and the man; he was obviously *not* completely allergic to sunlight, since it was daytime, but he did not seem very interested in more than was necessary -- drapes were drawn, he stuck to the shadows, etc. He wore old-fashioned clothing, quite well-kept, including a sort of cloak, about 3/4 length, deep red. He spoke very politely and formally, with a touch of accent, hard to place, in a soft voice.

I kept thinking about the amount of time left in the day as we went room to room (it was already late afternoon), and especially when we would follow Mr. Dracula up narrow stone passages. Not sure of the real (dream-real) setting, but it certainly was not mountainous enough to be the Carpathians, though the estate / castle were on a moderately hilly patch. The view in the distance was rolling, neither mountains nor plains, looked like it could have been any of dozens of places in the U.S.

The day wore on, with me getting somewhat antsier to leave, but not terribly concerned that we would be attacked, at least on this visit (since he seemed to actually want these improvements done). Last scene I remember; me and coworker conferring on a deck, with sunset beginning. Dracula had with gracious courtesy excused himself and left us to ourselves a few minutes earlier, and I figured it had to do with his nighttime change, and that he simply didn't want to shock us. It seemed clear that he wasn't exactly disguising what was at the very least extreme eccentricity. Soon, a large bat wheeled through the sky toward us, then flew lazy loops, nearly hovering, about 15 feet from our heads. I figured that was either Dracula in his bat attire (though not human size -- just large-bat size) or a bat which would then report back to him on anything overheard. We tried to act casual (and again, really weren't too frightened, but slightly nervous), and slowly started out, conspicuously talking about the next time we'd be back., what improvements we thought would be good for the grounds and castle, etc.