Dreamed that I had invited eye-watering, jaw-clenching S. (but on a strictly platonic basis) on a weekend trip to someplace which would have normally been quite warm -- I think it was Utah in the early Fall or late spring. It *was* warm, too, when we landed, but when we woke up the next day, the room (3rd floor I'd say, from the angle to the street) was chilly, and out the giant plate-glass windows we could see a heavy, wet snowfall coming down. People outside were stomping around in jeans, boots and windbreakers.

I felt bad because I had advised S. to bring light clothing for simple packing (and because we'd only be there for 2 days), so she had little to wear besides shorts and t-shirts. I gave her my blanket for the moment (I wasn't actually cold) and pondered going to seek a thrift store and buy some warm small-girl clothing, and laughing to think how strange I might look at the checkout. In my weather paranoia, I had ignored my own advice, and brought a fleece, but it would have been comically big on her. Actually sort of a funny situation, but it put a damper on sight-seeing plans.