My dream last night: that I visited while on a road trip (I think with my friend Sara) a small private (Catholic) school in Michigan, met some gentle but very tough-minded nuns.

The residents of this small town were surprised when the nuns did not install curbs and sidewalks on the winding path through their (smallish) campus, but they had a practical, frugal reason for doing so: if they had improved that little road (which carried automotive as well as foot traffic) they would have been liable for a much higher tax rate. In that town, a certain tax was levied based on the linear distance of "improved" road on / through your property. So they just didn't improve it, intentionally, saving the money for school operations. The sky was grey, but the very neat grass on campus was bright green.

I remember we were there to get some sort of important but not very time-sensitive information, I think about a long-ago student for whom we hoped they might have a record or contact information. The headmistress (60s, sensible grey hair, black habit, no glasses) wanted to help us but couldn't. It seems to me we were trying to solve some sort of low-key crime, but I can't remember the nature of it, or whether the student we were trying to find was a victim, perpetrator, or neither.