20020723md_dream 1) Was at a amateur weekend film festival held in a highschool. Somone insisted on talking to me during a showing, which was annoying, but I got up at walked out so at least the heavy conversationalist would stop bugging everyone. The overall feel of the dream reminded me of the 1970s somehow -- earthtones and creative clothing all around. It was summer, and in a relatively flat part of North America, not very much evidence of humans in sight outside of the blocky brown-concrete school building.

2) I think connected to the 1st part. Two of my employees were pilots, and (after the filmfest?) flying me across country for a meeting of some type. Our plane was small -- I think a twin-prop, with room for two pilots and two squashed passengers. For me alone, it was plenty of room to sit, but not large enough to lie down or establish a workdesk. We were traveling rather low I thought, but the pilots seemed confident, so I wasn't too nervous. For part of the way, we were below treeline, too, flying right over a highway, and I did become someone concerned when I saw our right wing wizzing through vegetation, making a hissing sound and causing a few slight bumps. Still, the pilots seemed to see their low altitude as nothing to fret over.

Later, flying somewhat higher again, we saw an unusual plane heading approximately the same direction as we were. It was orange, stubby winged (I didn't note what type of propulsion), and had a large convex metallic disk inset on an outsized vertical stabilizer, so large that I imagined it would be hard to fy with so little actual stabilizer surface. We kept getting slightly closer until the orange plane actually sideswiped us, its left wing running right over our right wing. I was too surprised to be scared until after this happened, and I was trying to figure out what sort of plane it was. I did not see the pilot(s) or mush else about it; after the single contact, we safely avoided each other, but the dreams fades before landing.