[Note, as usual of course there were many more, but these are all I can tease out while sitting here typing.]

Dream 1) A conversation between me and some family members ... my brother was there, I forget who else, I think some cousins whose names I could barely remember.

Dream 2) A not-very hard hitting television show about a lawyer. The main character was a sympathetic guy in his 20s who worked at the firm which was the show's focus, but was not himself a lawyer.

In the world of this dream, though, you could do most of the things a lawyer does by simply taking and passing the bar exam, with the expectation that you would be either enrolling in or finishing law school soon enough. (Our protagonist worked late hours and weekends here doing drudgework, research mostly, after taking the bar exam as a walk-on and doing extrememly well.) In fact, you had to get a special excmption to go a graduate school other than one in which field you already worked.

The main character agonizes about his career future, feeling old already in his late 20s and not happy with the lawyering line of work. There's a pretty young woman lawyer (dark hair, vaguely hispanic looking) there who tries to help him resolve his dillemma (that he wants grad school, just not law, and is not interested in the office politics and money lust of the legal profession in general) while an obnoxious lawyer approximately his own age glories in his own superiority (because he has a degree), and like a Horatio Alger foil, this jerky character mostly offers a lot of haughty advice and sneering to the main character (whose own demeanor is a lot like that of Clark Kent on the television show Smallville).

Triumphant scene caps off dream, the shy non-lawyer finds and takes advantage of a loophole which grants him something called a "zero/zero exemption," (Hey, it made sense at the time) which means he can basically forswear his law career as unconsumated and choose to enter graduate school with no restrictions on prior jobs.

[Basically, I see this dream as reflecting my dislike of "tracking" educational systems which decide too early that a person is best suited to a specific line of work.]

Dream 3) I dreamed that the former-Soviet spy school (now Russian) was so desperate for money they had privatized the system completely -- creating basically an open-enrollment system, with ads in the back of magazines like the Economist, in the manner of the schools offering "executive MBAs." ["Reputable educational institution offering a complete and unorthodox curriculum oriented toward professional information gathering" or other obfuscatory language.] Pundits were punditing, editorial cartoons were drawn and run, etc. Hilarity ensues.

Note: The most interesting thing is that all my dreams (or rather, all the dream segments I can recall) were part of one presentation -- I was conscious (but only when I wanted to be) of a subtle row of tabs at the top of my vision, just like tabs in Mozilla, and I could switch between scenes by mentally selecting among the tabs in this row.