History of Jape

A young boy monkey named Edith was sitting in the field and playing in the field in the time of then. Unaware of himself and the disgracefulness of his own name he was tossing his feces as monkeys even now are wont to do. Then, for no reason at all he looked up, and saw something falling. It was falling right at his own person but in his innocense he did not move. As the thing hit him a word entered his mind and echoed there; the word "JAPE". All at once he realized many things. The first of which was that he should not be named Edith, and the spirit of jape touched him and he knew his name was Blip, and no monkey ever dared call him Edith again except Nimrod the Severely Beaten, and all know what happened to him. Also, he learned to throw his feces farther, and that he should play in the trees. Then as Blip took the monkeys to the trees he began the first preaching of the jape.

Ages ago, after the coming of Jape, Blip was flinger of feces was feeling empty, unfullfilled. Although Jape had filled his life with simian ecstasy, and feces was regularly spotting his mangy body, there was something missing and even the Great Jape could not help him to fill this void. One Day while swinging through the trees a large branch (unseen by Blip) happened to strike him with terrible force, squarely in the genitals. Blip fell to the ground screeching in agony, fountains of semen and blood spurting out of his wide-open mouth; for hours Blip writhed on the ground in primate agony. He prayed feverently to Jape, screeming for help while his now rose-colored genitals slowly swelled to watermelon size. And Yet in the midst of this horrible ordeal, Blip began to smile. A gently warm surge of pleasure swept through his pelvis region, his gigantic penis jumped in orgasm after orgasm, and he felpt as one with Jape - he was fullfilled! And so Blip returned to the trees, and went to his people. "Oh simian bretheren, fellow flingers of feces", spake Blip, "I came to speak the word of Jape. In his goodness The Monkey has blessed my mind with further evidence of the joys of abreal life." Then Blip preaced the punching of genitals and it was good. His people listened and learned, and from that day forth it was so. To this day the screams of wonderful, naeseating, breath-taking, orgasmic pleasure from primates abusing their own reproductive organs can be heard in the jungles of this great earth.