Go to, login, and change your password under Settings -> Password.

You can also control incoming spam filtering levels and actions at Settings -> Spam Settings.

Mail forwarding config is available at Settings -> Mail Forwarding.

GENERAL (any IMAP client, including iOS and Android apps):

IMAP: (TLS/SSL, port 993)
SMTP: (TLS/SSL, port 465)
Username (incoming and outgoing):

ALPINE (you are so old-skool):

Quit Alpine and add/modify .pinerc: {}INBOX
Or if you are of the POP persuasion: {#move}INBOX ~/mail/inbox
If you want to save your (encrypted) IMAP/SMTP password between Alpine sessions:
	touch ~/.pine-passfile
Now start Alpine, browse to the new folder (named and enter your password. If you change your password after saving it in Alpine, quit and restart after:
	echo > ~/.pine-passfile

fetchmail (super old-skool, also procmail):

Into .fetchmailrc goes:
# optional (run in background, keep a log)
#set daemon 600
#set logfile fetchmail.log

poll proto POP3
user "" pass "PASSWORD"
fetchall	# fetch reguardless of read/unread flags
no keep		# delete from server after popping
no rewrite	# leave headers alone
# uncomment the next line if you want to process mail through procmail
#mda "/usr/local/bin/procmail -f %F -d %T";