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monkey.org provides for its users domain registration services. monkey.org can also transfer domains from other registrars to our system.


Do i have to be a monkey.org user?

Yes. This is only for monkey.org users.


I don't want to use monkey.org for nameservice.

No problem. After the domain registration is completed just go to the domain management page and change the authoratative name servers.

whois doesn't show my information

the root whois server no longer contains domain holder information. Instead, it returns the name of the whois server that does. the whois client on monkey.org will recurse to the proper server and display the information you were looking for you.

Who is the technical contact?

By default the technical contact is the monkey.org hostmaster. After the domain is registered, you can modify the technical contact, but if you are using monkey.org's name servers we ask that you leave hostmaster@monkey.org the technical contact.

How does contact information get set in a domain transfer?

When you make a request to transfer a domain from another ICANN registrar to OpenSRS, the template is similar to a registration.

You set the Administrative and Billing contacts in the transfer template: either type them in or recall them from a previous order (by domain/username/password or order number).

The Technical contact and nameserver entries will be the same as the present whois information for the domain.