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OpenBSD on the IBM Thinkpad X20

OpenBSD works great on the Thinkpad X20. basic specs:

  • 600 Mhz pIII
  • 20 GB IDE disk
  • 2 USB ports, 1 PCMCIA (Cardbus) slot, 1 CompactFlash slot
  • built-in 10/100 Ethernet (fxp0)
  • big ass screen
  • normal keyboard
  • nifty keyboard light
  • volume and brightness keys
  • thin, light, fast, and nice full-sized keyboard and screen

configuration optimizations include noatime on all mounts in /etc/fstab; increased NMBCLUSTERS, BUFCACHEPERCENT, and default TCP MSS; mfs /tmp; path MTU discovery and softupdates enabled, etc.

  • WACKY28 - OpenBSD 2.8 kernel config.
    APM works, PCMCIA (Cardbus) works (even for the nifty CompactFlash slot, which shows up as wd1!), USB works great (including hot-syncing my Visor) after disabling BIOS support for USB, whee. the only things that don't work (yet) are sound (Cirrus Logic CS4281 too new) and the built-in modem (probably a Winmodem).

  • XF86Config3 - XFree86 3 config.

  • WACKY32 - OpenBSD 3.2 kernel config.
    sound now works just fine. built-in modem is still slag.

  • XF86Config - current XFree86 4 config.