jj and kris' thanksgiving vacation adventure 2000
little sister wedy the paris metro paris graffiti a church in paris a carousel in paris - we didn't ride on it some public art
kris on the escalator at the pompidou more pomipdou sacre coeur yet another picture of the pompidou a ferris wheel in paris - we didnt' ride this one either a sign that i liked
spices - check out that bowl of saffron! some parisians in a park kris being a tourist some nice fruit kris outside the louvre - we didnt' go in notre dame
wedy on top of the institut du arabe me overexposed an old building wedy the paparazzi p!o!p! art elliot cowly owl!
a street kris taking more pictures space invader art the only picture i took of james, our gracious host the tate modern some stuff on top of pam's fridge
kris chowing down at wagamama's some more stuff at pam's starry sarah a street scene me at my old pub kris in pam's red and green bathroom
yummy soup h of k miss melly mel the broganboy! mike and nommi slumberland steady mike's turntable
more wedy some bear wendy had on her sweatshirt sinister sez the two brewers pub me at wagamama's nommi