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april 30, 2002

bugs. wrote code. installed new RC2 today to find a massive loading bug. unable to isolate, it goes back to the developers.

gonna miss cansecwest 02", a nice elite hacker conference. probably a good thing, swamped under with testing right now despite bugs i keep finding. still, i wish i had something to say there, i had a chance to speak. originally beth and i were gonna go and hang out in vancouver for the week but alas, she's stuck in ohio and i am stuck at work. i need to hop on my Usenix Tech signup and work schedule. monterey should be nice. hopefully beth can join me there.

getting sick and tired of issues with the at&t wireless website and group. i was unable to register for an account. when i finally was i was unable to pay my bill online, both errors because of some database issues on their end. me to them: "site's all screwed up ... errors in the database." them to me: "hop online and do these steps ..." well, i tried, dipasses. that's the problem.

i highly reccomend you avoid the website once you've gotten an at&t wireless phone.

april 29, 2002

added emv to the mis on your left. check out his site and links, i work with him.

found a really big annoying bug that explains a lot of the failure i have been seeing in my traffic generation scripts. fixing it right now.

april 26, 2002

time keeps moving, faster than ever. i'm excited, i get to see beth tomorrow. our final night in pittsburgh before we move on to ann arbor :) this should be nice. i'll miss her friends there, she found some nice people.

so i'm incredibly annoyed again with NPR. its that time of the year where they do their pledge drives. fine, NPR needs money. and i'm actually in a fantastic NPR area with michigan public radio. however they tend to do it in such an annoying fashion i have to turn the radio off. they basically guilt you into pledging. if i made more money i would probably say something like, "look, if it will bring back marketplace and morning edition, would you take my money and shut up? i'll pay my whole year's salary to keep my marketplace on!" i dont need to hear todd mundt and others telling me i'm a bad bad person who doesn't appreciate their hard work. shut up todd! give me my BBC world news and my marketplace.

in other news beth and floh have, as usual, some fun links.

april 24, 2002

CVS is back up so i wrote some stuff in the book last night. its almost as many pages as my thesis wound up being, and it's not done yet. that's good, i figure. what's funny is i have learned a lot in the interim, so i'm able to lay a few things out and then go back in and write them more quickly and clearly. i hope we get this done soon, i have other projects i want to get off the ground.

stuff at work started working as well, and i'm finding some whcked up show stopping bugs. now to grab a developer and isolate them.

april 23, 2002

hurry up and wait. seems to be the story of my recent life.

performance testing. gather boxes. write code. test code. refine code. wonder why object of testing starts crashing for no appearant reason. unable to isolate the problem, waste a day building a debug kernel and failing, waste weekend cuz the whole setup was a mangled mess. waste a day waiting for exhaustive memory tests to never complete. build wrong kernel, install, unable to reproduce the problem. mem test overnight. install correct new kernel. wait for admin of the lab to show up to show me which VLAN ports to use. total time wasted: close to a week.

do a bunch of work on a book. site goes down. for months. unable to cvs in. site up. password borked and admin doesn't let me fix it quickly. send admin crypto key to get in. admin/coauthor mails back "oh, i made a large number of changes". which will probably ruin my life when i try and check this crap in.

getting utterly sick of it. feeling like walking away from all of it. here, i wrote well over 100 pages and learned a bunch of stuff for this book, you can now go and finish it. or not. i don't care anymore, cuz its just in the way at this point. here, you can just deploy the boxes and hope to hell they work right. i'm sick of trying to figure this crap out.

came to the realization last time i'm not quite sure how i want to achieve what i want to do. i want to create something that is larger than me and more lasting than any job i'm at. now how am i going to do that?

oh, and i'm getting really tired of people assuming i have time to do stuff. i don't. i'm actually pretty busy trying to stay afloat most days, i'm extremely short on sleep, and i'm sorry that shit's falling behind. you'll just have to be more gentle with your prodding, cuz its just how it is.

april 18, 2002

been busy the past few days, sorry. started skateboarding with dug and eric, usually in the evening after work. aa has a skatepark that looks pretty cool. its covered and open til 8. "skate til 8!" i suk, its been so long since i skated. partying happened in the interval ... *sigh* kids, you think you'll never lose your youth, but holy crap does it go and get hard to get back. i feel like ozzy staggers around these days.

did a quick review of SuSE 8 beta this week for Linux Journal. overall a great system for people who want to get a nice desktop set up. i expect their server products rock as well. (psst! too bad i'm not thoroughtly migrated to OpenBSD!)

back to work, which i'm enjoying.

oh yeah, the pictures archive has been moved. i'll work on updating the links for email and such asap. looks like people are starting to check out the new site as i make some posts from my new home to various mailing lists. too bad i foul up my first post in a while by screwing up simple port numbers. sheeeit. and i work with snmp at work!

april 14, 2002

taxes. taxes suck. i owe the feds about $270, and i am getting back from ohio (my former state of being, but not residency) about $60.

in other news checkpoint and sun both suck.

april 12, 2002

just a quick note. the thesis is done and turned in. while i still have to pay a few fees at the university, i am now officially 'dr. nazario'. hell yeah i'm proud of that. :) went down on wednesday, took in a proof copy and had to fix my bibliography. 'a single line change' i thought. that is until i remembered how fubar'd noom's thesis class file is and how it ruined the 'no labels' stuff in the apalike.bst file. after hours i got around it by a hacked bioinformatics.sty package and a hack of it. it was the next day before i could turn it in (the office had closed).

for the sick, twisted and just plain curious, you can view my thesis online:

[PS] (huge, 36 MB) | [PDF] | [HTML slides] from my defense presentation (on 20 march, 2002).

april 8, 2002

*sigh* i miss beth. waking up in an empty house sucks. soon, i know, still, i miss her. and i know i will have to get used to it briefly this summer when she's in boston. it just feels so normal and good to have her around.

next time you wonder why you can't process netflow, remember: aim it in the right direction, and make sure you're listening to the right source. *sigh* at least i fixed that problem.

april 7, 2002

rubicon talks: spoke on czech and ssh session key entropy. i never got around to finishing much of the work in the ssh session key research, but it is pretty easily done once i get the time. so, it was presented in 15 minutes as a work in progress. *sigh* wish i had more to say. i did introduce czech to the world, which is a preliminary version of the talk on it i'll be giving next weekend at unimeet (an irc conference, too bad they dont fly me out to spain!). heard ches speak, which was cool. photos up soon, i hope. saw a bunch of old friends, made a few new ones. it was good to see them :)

i hooked up my firewall, finally. it took a bit of time because i had to hook up a monitor to my firewall, boot off a floppy, and do some tweaking. even added a new NIC to it for the external interface (de0). i'm updating the OS as we speak. anyhow, got NAT set up (in one line) and now, voila, no more packet loss. perhaps the cable modem is ok, after all. 41 kbps is pretty good xfer speed, and i have most of the network to myself. we'll see how this goes.

anyhow, futzed with the firewall for a bit. first i got the external IP wrong (transposed two digits), then my laptop had the wrong gateway address set up ... eek. amusing if you think about it, but still, pretty funny. wasted about 20 minutes trying to figure some of that out. heh .. now it's all good.

april 3, 2002

been listening to a lot of bjork lately. she closed out a kid koala track (on scratchscratchscratchatch), and that started a kick. she's super cute, but oh so crazy. what a nice voice she has.

good drinking: smoothies. damn i love smoothies.

500 ml orange juice
2 bananas
1 cup strawberry yogurt

mix all in your blender thing. blend. drink.

you can also make it with lots of fresh fruit, ie adding some pineapple, mango, or melon. its good stuff, and nice and thick. i warn you, however, that it will be a bit airy, so it will make you feel full.

well, work just got a bit more crazy. been digging into the build system, hoping to make it more modular and manageable. we'll see what i come up with ...

april 1, 2002

music: dj krush and toshinori kondo, 'ki-oku'. trip hop jazz.

1 lb fresh cheese ravioli
2 carrots, peeled and chopped
1/2 lb sugar snap peas

28 oz peeled roma tomatoes
1 tbsp basil
1 tbsp fresh chopped garlic
1 tbsp oregano
1/4 cup chopped onion
1 tsp red pepper

olive oil
grated parmesean cheese

make the sauce. in a small saucepan take the olive oil and heat it to medium-high heat. toss in the chopped garlic and onions. saute until the onion starts to go translucent. toss in the spices and then the tomatoes. cook through, about 20 minutes. keep stirring.

cook the pasta. right before its done, toss in the sugar snap peas and the carrots. cook for a few minutes. drain. top with a bit of the sauce (not much) and the cheese.

beautiful. delicious. good food for a special someone. i wish she was here ...