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january 25, 2003 bombay the hard way

above is a graph from my cable modem monitoring device, aka fw-mon. from time to time you get an idea of what it's starting to look like, and yes it's pretty, and very useful. take the above plot. at about 12:30 am EST, sapphire hit hard core. and you can see it was approaching 8 bps on my link (a /23) alone. these are my neighbors and others on the internet. the disparity between the blue and the green are due to it being blocked. i couldn't sleep and woke up at about 5:30 am and surfed the web. it was a busy morning. so busy, in fact, i got interviewed and even quoted in the boston globe for today. page a3. :) yeah, i'm stoked.

but on saturday i finally sat down and had to figure out how to make my soekris boot, and how to do it in less than 8MB. so i did it. the fruits of my labor, aka minisoekris, will hopefully be rolled into the opensoekris project. i even added to nsh and am busy fixing some problems i found in it. check it out, it supports layer 2, layer 3 filtering, layer 3 NAT (well, kind of right now), bridging and routing, all sorts of stuff. and in about 5MB. now you can put that CF card you got with your camera to work.

january 20, 2003 optimization needed

i ran head first into my first real need for algorithm optimzation. a tool i wrote does lookups linearly and, after a few thousand entries, the inefficiency of this method starts to show. ouch ... time to learn how to use provos' splay tree implementation, i guess.

got a book review posted on slashdot. thanks timothy ... that writeup was only about 4 months overdue.

chris pointed me to an excellent writeup of the recent MIT spam conference. anyone who knows me lately knows of my nearly maniacal interest in empirically analyzing spam. i promise i'll just write it up and be done with it.

january 19, 2003 a break from the action

installed xwrits to ease up on my wrists. i never realized how much time i just let fly by and forget about. it's using the default entries, so every 55 minutes it comes up and annoys me. oh well, it's proving itself useful already.

put up esnail, a small SMTP trap i wrote last fall at usenix in an afternoon. it uses stdin, stdout and logs to stderr. hook it into inetd or something and enjoy. catch spammers :)

january 13, 2003 hiss and growl

new kitty, named "maus". after about a day and a half he and miso are getting along reasonably well. they're on the bed together right now, happily ignoring eachother. mind you i lost a night of sleep last night keeping maus from leaving the office (and upsetting miso), but it was worth it.

held a printout of my worms book today. heavy ... holy crap. bigger than my thesis was. lots of edits to make, i really need to get crackin.

january 11, 2003 hits and misses

ran analog on my website last night and analyzed about 8 months worth of logs. analog has this cool feature where it can show you the search terms people take to get to your site. among the top terms are "lexical code analysis tools" (my czech stuff and presentations) and "photographic evidence of aliens". whats more amusing is the term "sizemax", a penis enlargement cream. i don't know why .. i'm suspecting its because of the spam collages i did some time ago.

these kind of things reveal that people usually only get one or two pictures into my site and such. but what i'm really missing is referrer and top source domain information ... i'd like to know where people are coming from.

it was a good week, but exhausting. finally got that chair we ordered some months ago and i'm really happy we did. it's so comfortable. wrote some good code this week, need to talk to work about releasing a bit of it to the general community. but i need to get back to writing: a presentation for later this month, another presentation, and maybe even a couple of papers ... and of course books.

detroit auto show very soon, hopefully i'll grab some pics for the site. and maybe even a new car.

january 6, 2003 AWOL

wow. i didn't realize anyone cared. seriously, this thing feels so amazingly self eggrandizing and obsessed ... i stopped updating out of being busy but mostly out of shame. blogs just felt stupid for a bit. sure, i like to read a few but damnit, i really didn't want to take up your time with my life. a few people wrote or inquired, thanks. :)

ok, the quick update. happy new year. here's what happened in the intervening time: i finished draft 1 of the worms book. whoo hoo! about 300 pages, 92k words. it's a big book, now onto the edits. the openbsd book is headed to the publisher for first review this week, wrote something like 10k words these past two weeks or so.

movies: beth and i went to go see far from heaven, what wound up being a wonderful film. we also rented ice age and and the sum of all fears. ice age was fun, the sum of all fears was not so good. i really like jack ryan, but this was just not well executed at all. lastly, i also finally found le samourai, a french film about killers and assassins. been looking for years. wishing it were on dvd but i'll settle for vhs right now.

projects: released stsh-0.21 which fixes a bug in 0.2. its a total immersive environment for systrace and is the next revision of some code i demo in the book. enjoy, feedback always welcome. hacking on my soekris, working on a small version for all thsoe 8MB CF cards we have lying around.

i had nothing to do with the image above. i just enjoyed box cameras when i used to be a photographer, and i think that project is pretty cool. no new pictures yet, hopefully soon.