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july 29, 2002

plotted the hits on my cable modem firewall for the past month or so. unfortunately, no trends have emerged. no worm trends, no ssh attempting scanners, and no FTP scanner trends. *sigh* the bulk of the total hits are from DHCP clients broadcasting (which i block and log).

july 27, 2002

what can you do with tracepath? well, for starters, you can map the internet. estimated time until completion: 2500 hours. i need to start up more processes.

july 26, 2002

while waiting for a pizza to cook i wrote tracepath, an AS tracing tool which accompanies traceroute.

july 25, 2002

i think google has a nice anomaly detection engine running on their database. i hit my google tool tonight at about midnight to get some results and whammo, i was hit with no results. the tool was working, it was constructing useful URLs to search with. however they changed the template they were using to return results and my cheap parsing barfed on it. about 15 minutes later i got it figured out.

you'll notice a new link to your left, "link-o-matic". its stage one of a tool i'm developing for myself. if it works well, i'll share it with the world. its an ambitious project, but one i think i can pull off...

in other news, go to sweetcode.

july 24, 2002

released version 0.2 of cligoogle today. now should support more browsers and win32, and it fixes a big security hole. still lacks proxy support, please help there. also, please test win32 support, and feel free to add ie support, too. look at the changelog for a list of what's been added and fixed.

later in the day

installed it on a machine at work and found a bug. found a bug in dictionary, too. fixed. version 0.21 is now up, see the cligoogle page for the download info.

a paper you should read: Guidelines on Writing a Philosophy Paper. while you may not have to write a philosophy paper again, it will force you to think about effective writing. highly suggested.

july 23, 2002

finally packages up and released picpages, my digital photo gallery generation scripts. enjoy.

announced fw-mon on openbsd journal. maybe someone will enjoy it. pfstat really does generate some neat looking graphs, just not info i need. maybe i should steal his grapher.

someone read this site and pointed me to surfraw, a tool like my own google search tool i put out yesterday. so i downloded and played with it but found it to be lacking in the real streamlined ease of use i'm lokoing for. maybe i just need to play with it a bit more but it still feels cumbersome.

july 22, 2002

released cligoogle today. a small tclsh script to do command line searches to google. boredom takes many forms ...

while doing some reading this morning, i looked over ddj and found an interesting article on software development and the cycles it takes. it also applies to graduate school projects, something that i think educators need to learn to take into consideration. frankly, i think i left grad school at about 2/3 of the way through figure 1, meaning i was in a deep well. this is also why i advocate people taking on several smaller projects (with a common theme they can use in their thesis), so that they dont get mired in quicksand.

started work on porting jason thorpe's zero copy tcp stuff to openbsd. no joy, but i am sharing the patch (and the results) with you. i think i'm heading down a bad road trying to include the event handling mechanism from net, and i dont know open's well at all. hence, i am at an impass for the time being, and i have other things taking my time away. have at it if you want.

later in the evening ...

wow. cligoogle sure is a hit with some people, and i'm really happy. lots of good feedback, and 0.2 is coming right along with a lot of new features and extendability. if you want to help, i would appreciate it. two things i want to make configurable are the lanaguge and encoding specifications, and proxy support. please help by downloading the tool and patching it. if you need a snapshot of 0.2, lemme know. i may release it in the next day or two to get it out there for testing.

so, cligoogle is part of something larger i've become very interested in. i can't think of a proper term for it, so i simply call it "pervasive and transparent computing". simply put, its pervasive because it is a part of everything, all is one type stuff. its transparent because it isn't so visible to you. you dont have to move around so much to check your mail, search for some terms, whatever. you just do it. cligoogle is the first step in that direction. rather than having to stop whatever i was doing and go to netscape and go to google and enter my search terms ... i just google for it. that's it. i am actively taking steps to make computing work for me, rather than adjusting my actions to suit it.

july 19, 2002

i have put up a small section of software i have written for public consumption. so far fw-mon, pdfsearch, and myscanssh are in there. more coming soon.

july 15, 2002

went to the Huron National Forest in michigan for the fourth of july to go mountain biking. i had originally planned to go for a couple of days and camp for the night but it was so packed and crowded i had to get away. i rode my bike until i was exhausted, and it felt good.

i even stopped in frankenmuth, mi on the way up there. its "michigan's little bavaria" ... quaint, to say the least. i can't spoil it, just look at the pictures. i did appreciate the big and clear street signs, but "north main str." was too much. check out the mcdonald's, too.

northern michigan is wierd. its a bit hick, a lot bit rural, and definitely survivalist in some places. "i dont dial 911, i call .357", that evil country music that comes from lonely psychos, the whole bit. it's hard to imagine melinda coming from this part of the world.

linux journal has a review of multitool linux, a book i wrote the webmail chapter in. positive review, too, which feels good.

much code to write, many pics coming soon. hope i can keep my promises and actually get stuff out to people, ie fw-mon, dish, openbsd kernel mods ... plus i wanna look at tcp socket improvements in openbsd. i'll try and get a "local code" section up soon.

fouled up my wrist skating in lansing, mi this weekend. collided with dug at full speed head on. so, if my typing seems a bit more off than usual, please understand.

pics soon of much of this.

july 13, 2002

while waiting for duncan to show up i started to process my firewall logs into something more and extend fw-mon. i'm still working on the color schemes, as well as the autogeneration, content, etc ... but its getting there.

so, basically i now run a small, unprivlidged webserver on my OpenBSD firewall. i process the logs using tcpdump and feed the output to the awk script which outputs HTML. this is all done statically so as to keep things like PHP off the firewall, as well as to reduce any load on it. i also dont keep it accessible except in the house.

my current plans are to try and get my arpwatch installation integrated with it to really have a nice monitor of my network. so, to keep sharing this with you folks i have put log-process.awk, the awk script which spits out the HTML. as a demo i have a rewritten (to hide my IP) ICMP page. similar pages exist for TCP, UDP, and other IP protocols. the rule is red or green depending on block or pass. the colors could use some help and the whole thing could use some better integration. still, figured i would share it with some folks here. the whole thing is available under a BSD license.

july 9, 2002

go home applet

i have this nasty habit of losing track of time. as silly as it sounds, i just generally have my clock (on my system's desktop) covered up by my "to do" list, so i dont see it. and my local clock has been off by about 7 hours for the longest time anyhow ... so last night i fixed that. and to tell me to go home at 5:30, i wrote a small applet, shown above, that tells me when to go home. its written in tk, and here's the source:

 button .b -text "it's [exec date +%A\ %b\ %d\ %H:%M ]. go home." \
	-command exit 
 pack .b
now this is placed in my ~/bin directory and scheduled by cron to activate monday through friday:
 # tell me to go home
 30 17 * * * export DISPLAY=:0.0 && /home/jose/bin/gohome
i've been mocked before for losing track of things, and maybe i am a flake. oh well ... but yesterday i wrote the foundation to my own UI regression testing tool (puffin didn't suit my needs). at least i'm a productive flake.

oh yeah: kudos to chris for reminding me of the joys of cron, and dawn for prodding me into taking the ten seconds it took to write that :)

finally announced the scanssh mods i made to track telnetd and rshd coincidence with sshd.