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may 28, 2002

funny: joy of tech. go back through the archives. you'll waste a day, i tell you, but do it.

may 28, 2002

i am now involved in the site "OpenBSD Journal", a slashdot like site focused on OpenBSD. whee!

saw enigma last night. in under 25 letters, i will say "less love, more code". also saw `red planet' on HBO. suckage, but better than `mission to mars'.

people keep asking for this recipe. here you go:


1 onion, chopped
2 green bell peppers, cored and chopped
4 cloves garlic, smashed
1 bunch cilantro, fresh

mix all of this in a food processor until it's a nice pale green mixture. you can freeze it at this point, it makes about 2-3 cups.

black beans

1/2 cup sofrito
1 packet Goya Sazon
3 cans black beans, rinsed
1 tbsp olive oil
salt, pepper to taste
1 tbsp chinese chili garlic paste
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp oregano

heat the olive oil over medium high heat, add the sofrito, sazon, chili garlic paste, sugar, vinegar and oregano, and cook until the flavor is peaked. add the salt and pepper, beans, and enough water to cover the neabs with about 1 cm (about 3 cups). bring to a boil, then simmer for about 1-2 hours while it reduces just until the beans are visible.

serve alongside freshly made steamed rice or, if you want a nice puerto rican taste, rice cooked with a bit of olive oil thrown in to make it even stickier.

may 27, 2002

went to the DEMF, pics coming soon. in a nutshell, not my cup of tea. the kids were an interesting mix of the usual wannabe's and e-tards, which always annoy me. quote of the fest, "if you have any pot i will smoke it with you..." sang this cute blonde 15 year old thing ...

chicken pepperonatta

2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts, cut into halves (ie thin)
1 cup flour

28 ounces tomatoes in a tin can
4 tbsp fresh basil leaves
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp pepper
1 tbsp salt
1/2 cup red wine
1 tsp brown sugar

2 bell peppers, assorted colors
1/2 red onion, cut into thick slices

first start the sauce. in a mortar and pestle grind the basil and garlic until its a thick paste. mix in a touch of the salt and pepper and finish the grinding. in a saucepan start the tomatoes heating, add the basil/garlic mixture, along with the red wine, sugar, and pepper and salt. cook until it boils, reduce heat to medium and let it simmer for the while, uncovered.

dredge the chicken breasts through the flour and pan fry in olive oil over medium-high heat. don't let them burn, make them golden.

make the pepperonatta by heating sliced bell peppers and onions in some olive oil. cook until things start to wilt, but make sure they have some snap left over.

to assemble, cover a chicken breast with the tomato sauce and then the pepper/onion mixture. if you would like, top with some romano cheese.

i learned that from cheap thrills cuisine', which used to appear in the washington post on wednesdays. it looks like they're still around, it was always some good cooking. if they have a cookbook, please let me know, i'd like to purchase it. the recipes were always good, and fast and cheap.

may 24, 2002

the movie enigma opens this week here in ann arbor. gonna go see it next week ...

looking forward to dogtown and z-boys, opening soon.

headed to DEMF this weekend, in addition to doing some work stuff.

may 23, 2002

sorry for the lack of updates.

a new paper from paxon et al. which i have very mixed feelings regarding.

been thinking about objects and design patterns lately. odd, isn't it?

a new worm, spida or sql snake, hit the streets. didn't get very far ... but interesting nonetheless.

been thinking about IDE's ... the post with links dated May 23 @10:19PM is mine.

no. the cat has no tail. she's part manx.

may 19, 2002

network config auditing tool, useful in auditing your cisco configurations.

please don't install anti- skateboarding walls. skateboarding helps keep me from joining a gang!

now that i'm coding a lot, maybe i should start taking wrist breaks to help alleviate any building up strain.

the new nameless kitty

got a new cat. still haven't named her. part siamese, part manx. 4 years old. say hello!

may 18, 2002

i love spam. got a klez infected spam from a `hacker' at some or something. friggin hilarious. but porn spam is the best:

 From: angelas sweetie 
Subject: wanna hook up... or something? UJBGQHcxGC

Hi how are you? My friend gave me your e-mail address and I was wondering
if you'd like to chat with me sometime on my webcam. I'm an exotic dancer
and I'm inviting you to connect with me on my cam, you can click here to
see me. But be careful because I get naked on my webcam ;)
Talk to you soon hopefully *wink wink* XOXO *kiss* =D

Sincerely Yours, Angela

the address is: http://d%320%2Eda%2E%72%75 viOYowqTraPBBzm
if you follow up on this lemme know how it was.

no graduation. stomache still isn't in any shape to sit still for more than two hours without needing a bathroom.

may 16, 2002

spent the day recovering from bad sushi at a local place. all sorts of bad damage to my body came from it, i hope i'll be ok soon. thanks everyone for the well wishing. no, i didn't go to the doctor.

this has been an interesting week. i'm actually coding in object oriented code through [incr Tcl]. wrote up some new classes and heirarchies this week, as well. and for my coding i started using ASED, an IDE for Tcl/Tk (with expect and [incr Tcl] support). it's written in Tk, and its cross platform. i need to tweak it to support real tab stops and not a few spaces. gotta adhere to a style, after all.

and we got a bed. finally. what a crazy week in which my whole world has been turned inside out.

may 14, 2002

set up a small web monitor of my firewall. you can view sample output on this page and the scripts in in this directory. they're set up for my environment, not yours, but they could easily be adapted. you can see the interface in and out, and the routing table size and firewall state table size. MRTG doesn't interact with PF, so .. i had to do this. plus i felt like scripting.

may 12, 2002

happy mother's day everyone.

a recipe for you all. i gave this to natarajan recently, and he seemed to like it. it includes his tweaks.

Poached Pears

some pears, peeled, halved and cored [I used 2 pears and an apple]
1/2 cup white wine [I used 1/4 cup brandy + 1/4 cup water]
1/2 cup sugar
2 cups water
2 Tbsp orange peel
2 Tbsp lemon peel
1 tbsp cloves (whole)
1 stick cinnemon
1 tsp nutmeg [I used 1/2 tsp mace]
1 tsp allspice

Boil the pears in the wine/sugar/spice/water mixture for abut 20 minutes. If you want, reduce the sauce to serve with them, or serve them with some ice cream (or cream).

Installed OpenBSD on a sparc SS5 last night. its for a stealth project, so don't tell anyone! thanks dave and paul for the hardware.

may 10, 2002

a book i wrote a chapter in gets published today. Multitool Linux. i wrote the chapter on secure web based email, and now its out of date. always a problem with writing very technical books, but this one got delayed by about a year.

soundtrack: dj shadow and cut chemist, brainfreeze. hip-hop assassin DJs going crazy with the 7" and 45's on the mix. extremely cool. been looking for product placement, the followup. lemme know if you wanna buy or sell me one.

since you probably don't come here to listen to various rants i make, some of my current reading list:

multicast routing monitoring, since i'm getting piqued by multicast

CAIDA's backscatter paper, which is why i actually found the preceeding link on mcast monitoring.

CAIDA did some nimda analysis which is fundamentally limited. it's limited in view (they only looked at netflow records to port 80, not payloads) and very limited in scope of time. we know better thanks to the hard work of some of my coworkers. no, i didn't get in on the analysis, but i hope to.

books: still reading cia diary, but only slowly. still working on C Interfaces and Implementations as i struggle to write solid software.

i haven't written a security advisory in a while, however SGI finally fixed a local root hole i found. turns out they're really having difficulty in getting a random device for the kernel. pretty screwy, eh?

a report on youth, porn, and the internet, always fascinating reading.

sorry about april's archive being unreadable. thanks brandon.

wirting about worms and trying to come up with a good book title.

may 8, 2002

saw scratch last night, a super excellent documentary film on the history and present of turntablism. focused heavily on the invisibl skratch piklz, but had a few extra shots of people like krush and such. sadly no kid koala, another man who is really pushing the boundaries of what the art form is all about and having a really fun time of it.

got into a heated discussion with some folks last night about code style. "if i were a prof i'd enforce conformance to a style as part of the assignment." someone didn't like this, said it was only for a software engineering course. sadly i dont think he understood much of what i said. oh well, i'm not a prof (though i wish i were) in cs, but then again i'm certainly not qualified to be. its been on my mind as i have read a lot of other people's code (poorly styled, poorly documented) and i'm trying to develop a style for [incr Tcl], which has no real formal style.

so cwru is trying to screw me. seems i didn't have a piece of paper filled out years and years ago about what i was gonna take in my ph.d. studies. so i filled it out last month when i turned in my thesis. they signed off on it, but now they say i'm short some listings. how fucking pathetic is this? all of this, threatening the presentation of my degree to me over one fucking lousy piece of paper that said "this is what i plan to do". bite me, cwru, you will never get one red cent from me.

interesting reading: Multicast Discovery of DNS Services. thanks sobo.

may 6, 2002

he's no good to me dead.

my reading habits have changed a lot lately. now i find myself reading business stuff and thinking about 'the enterprise'. i read stuff like fast company and joel on software. i think i have forgotten everything from my thesis.

all reports from vancouver said i should have attended cansecwest. next year, when i will have something to talk about. i hope.

may 5, 2002

this house is getting kerberized.

i'm looking for some gigabit ethernet suggestions. has to work well in an OpenBSD environment. true high performance, none of this, "well, these are cheap" crap. cost isn't a big factor. gigE NICs and switches, which can really handle gigE. stuff that would let me do some on NIC processing would be welcome (to get past PCI bus limitations).

also, been hacking the OpenBSD firewall kernel. i hope to have some working diff's for you guys soon. i'll explain later.

may 4, 2002

sorry for the delay, been short on sleep, catching up and all that.

upcoming events: beth's moving here. today. in just a bit. whee! the DEMF is coming really soon, like in a few weeks. i hope to check it out. gonna skip usenix tech so i can attend scooter's wedding more easily (rather than being rushed). still hoping to go to Usenix security this year, and maybe speak at one in calgary. we'll see.

book projects moving slowly ahead, more later when i'm able to show you something. some cool stuff we do at arbor got talked about at cansecwest. sadly i didn't get off my ass to go there. nor did i have anything i wanted to present on there, either. the worms stuff i did is now a year old, and i haven't yet updated it. soon, i hope, i'll have some mathematical stuff to show.

looking at some kernel mods to my firewall. when i get them built i'll be sure to post 'em. should help explain some of the crap i'm seeing in my logs, and good fodder for my analysis in that copious spare time i have.

got a lot of the testing issues sorted out at work, and in the process broke some testing tools. whoops ... at least i can work around 'em.

gettin the office set up. maybe i'll actually get this thing on auto pilot and show you my life.

you'll get to see whacky scenes like this, kids. is this what you want? let me know.