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june 4, 2003 temporary interruption

some of you noticed that the aggregators i run were down for about 24 hours. the machine hosting them died. i have migrated it to a different box (an older macppc box running netbsd) and, after building a lot of software, i can now run it there.


the transition to the netbsd/macppc box was not without some issues. the cpu is slow (ppc604/120) and so scp's take a long time, and timed out about 1/3 of the time. by upgrading to a later openssh version, i got improved compatability and performance. i found a bug in gawk and a gsub() pattern. i found a bug in the netbsd date command. i'm having to rebuild my entire HSH database because i copied it over flat and didn't respect my timestamps. stuff like that took this from a 1h project to a 4h project. i need sleep.

more later.

may 23, 2003 pretty slides

for those of you in dayton on wednesday, i have my slides up from my presentation. thanks for attending, i had a blast and was happy to be there. it was very good to meet you all.

some random notes:

steven savage papers from tqbf:

try and figure out which days to hit things for memorial day weekend:

  • toledo zoo - pick a day when its not raining
  • dead sea scrolls in grand rapids
  • henry ford museum

had a hack of mine posted to, the cligoogle tool

may 20, 2003 stashin stuff for later

a few quick links:

may 18, 2003 i miss my daypop

looks like daypop is giving me some problems. bummer, i was really getting into the site, too. however, maybe i can craft something like this for myself. after all, it's just a one man shop. the reason i like daypop is that it goes beyond the usual of google, and without resorting to hacking google. now, it's fun to wish and scheme about outdoing google, but sometimes you just have to skip it all and do it yourself. daypop helped remind me of how boring a search engine, even with news and stalkerific abilities, really is. silly, but it does open up the web in a lot of ways.

i figure it shouldn't be too hard to create some of the things i liked about daypop, notably the blogdex (top links people had been talking about in the blogs in the past few days).

later ...

daypop is back up. unfortunately they are not hiring, so .. (not that i'm looking to leave arbor, but a cool opportunity would be worth thinking about).

there was probably some other stuff i wanted to say, but i honestly forget.

may 13, 2003 a sad kind of love?

i'm not sure what you'll say, but i love my website finally. is this sad? let me explain why i love it.

it serves me. it's about me, sure, but it serves me. it meets needs i have. i get my news via my website. i read blogs via my website. i learn via my website. i stash information here, i communicate, i have a homepage that really is beyond what a homepage typically is ("this is me, whoop de doo"). it's my home, where i start surfing the net. i get to the things i want to, and it's not cluttered.

is that sad? i mean, it's just a website, after all, i shouldn't lavish so much time, attention, and adoration on it. its vain, perhaps, to say "i love my website." it's not the best website out there by any stretch of the imagination, it has style/usability issues. however, it's finally something that meets my needs. after 8 years of having a website, i finally use my website more than my bookmarks to navigate. i'm proud of that, but more than that i'm happy with it.

may 11, 2003 24 freakin wierd hours.

my personal 24 hours that just ended went kind of like this:

  • watch my alma matter, cwru, get shot up by a guy we used to have to deal with. while we found the guy annoying, i never saw him get hateful or vindictive. others did, though. he stalked beth, fwiw, when she was there.
  • after a week's worth of book hacking, call it done. print it out at kinkos on short notice. hope that fedex is still open, thank them profusely for still being there.
  • get accepted to go speak at the Libre Software Meeting in France in july.
there's a little something in the wings for everyone, i'll show it soon. sorry updates on deadly have been slow, i was consumed with the book. a great weight has been lifted off of my shoulder. i am happy, and now i sleep.

may 7, 2003 lunchin

had a good lunch with emv and les. i used to work with ed, and i really enjoy hearing him talk about software that he introduced me to (wiki and the blogosphere) and how they're doing cool things with it now. les i hadn't met before, but have been reading for a while. i was pretty excited to meet les, too, and hear about his ideas. he's one of those people who not only has great ideas but gets the chance to put a few together. makes you wonder what he hasn't had time to do ...

added some people to trogdor, gave someone the code i use for home schooled hacker (lemme tell you i get a kick out of it when people want to use my code), and now i'm starting to wonder how i can better organize this. of course les has some ideas, i just wonder what i'll be able to do. maybe i should back off of the blogroll in trogdor ...

thanks again for the cds, people, i really enjoy them.

now if only my laptop battery didn't stink (about 45 mins at full power).

may 5, 2003 laundry list

i know i will forget them otherwise, so here's the list of things i want to do, time permitting. if you're interested in helping, lemme know ... i could use an extra pair of hands:

  • build a sparrow like tool, i think this would be exceedingly helpful.
  • work on libstack.
  • write a small series of articles for someplace on select, libevent, libpcap, libdnet, etc ... (started, example code is lying around ... need to assemble).
  • book ideas: postmaster in a nutshell, tcp/ip power tools, C algorithm cookbook, hostmaster in a nutshell, open source security tools. mostly punt these to someone else who can make use of them. i wont write a book again for a while.
  • write up spam results into a formal paper.
  • finish nsh work on opensoekris. (already committed to this.)
  • finish cobbling rolling archive verification system together, deploy now that i have two willing participants.
i know i have more projects in me. i know i don't have the time or energy. all of this after the worms book goes off and the openbsd book is done. the cool thing about these is that they are more open ended than books are, so ... less pressure will result from them than with a manuscript or work.

may 3, 2003 almost ready for a drop

earlier this evening i finally finished up the final round of edits to the worms book. a few more pieces of tidying it up and .. it's just about ready to go out the door. what remains? the figures look terrible, and i need to work with an artist on them. and i need to reformat the manuscript to get it in a format suitable to ship to london. and i still need to send out letters to request the use of copyrighted works. so, much work, but the edits are done, which was the most time consuming.

if you're an artist and can work in a time crunch, lemme know, we may have something to do. yes, i'll pay. it would help if you're local and you're able to do a bunch of figures in a day. the bulk of it is simply generating pretty figures.

this is a huge relief.

may 1, 2003 groovin to the hip hop beat

when i was in high school, NWA and such were getting big. i didn't like rap, but for some wierd reason i always found hip hop interesting. i'm a white kid from iowa (ok, hispanic, but you may not realize that looking at me), why am i drawn to hip hop and b-boy culture? i still don't know, but i've been digging on the cut chemist, dj shadow, and soulsides greatest bumps lately. thanks to everyone who sprung for stuff on my wishlist ... it keeps me moving.

the month from hell is over, and only one or two things slipped. cansecwest, work stuff, a wedding, and a talk (which i missed) on openbsd. now i can settle into a relatively quiet may (the talk was rescheduled to may) and a single wedding, plus books. by the end of things i should be ready for a nice vacation ...

was digging through my weblogs this evening, i found some interesting stuff. trogdor is now an even more important search term for this site, which surprises me. lots of hits from various rss readers, and, of course, lots of page views from deadly and for my pictures. thanks for visiting, you should drop a note sometime to say hi.

accidentally kicked lance out of #monkey this evening ... my bad. way too eager to kick what appeared to be a kiddie out of #monkey .. sorry, lance. my bad ... :( #monkey just tends to attract little bratty kids.

still surprised at how interesting people find my spam analysis. i plan to write it up this summer sometime, i have something like 8 months of spam to analyze (along with lots of other spam). this one may wind up being a proper paper, submittable to a conference or something.