motivated by a few things:

hence, aggregator was born. i stole code from developer works and chris pointed me to some good feeds. and voila, after a few hours of work i have a basic news aggregation service i can live with.

i hope to get a few more feeds, including,, and the dartmouth its news feed. we'll see if and when that happens (i'd rather just go RSS and not screen scrape).

a useful tool is mark's rssfinder python tool. point it at a site and see what you come up with.


basically i have a machine that reads a collection of sources and section titles and preps up the html. the rss feeds are read and parsed by the python tool (about 50 lines of python, i didn't write it) and uploaded to monkey.

currently i'm testing some new modificatons to the system: the python script i'm using understands rss 0.91, 1.0 and 2.0 well (the perl script only knew rss 0.91) along with some improved "new item" detection and marking the old stuff in grey. once i am satisfied with this new version i'll upload it and make it available.