Due to a new Michigan law (Super DMCA), the legality of my research or these web pages is currently unclear. Felten provides additional information about the resulting restrictions on technology and research. Potentially offending web content has been moved to the Netherlands. Please, support the EFF.

Some Stuff I Work On

OpenSSH - most popular secure shell implementation
Outguess! - Universal Steganography             
Stegdetect - detect steganography in images.
Honeyd - A Virtual Honeypot Daemon [Honeyd Virtual Honeypot Developer Page]:
Systrace - Interactive Policy Generation for System Calls  
SpyBye - [source code] find malware on your web site, too!

Cyber Security

The following research is part of my effort to improve cyber security and to increase information infrastructure protection. Its main aim is resiliance against remote and local adversaries.

Other stuff I have worked on

Blog. Homepage at CITI. Mysterious.


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