Official Homepage of oss-license-extract

Oss-license-extract is a program which generates a comprehensive license and copyright notice for a given set of source files. It is particularly useful when redistributing open source software or auditing existing licenses.

The current version of oss-license-extract is 1.2.

This program requires Perl. I have only tested it with version 5.6.0, but it should work with any 5.x version and may work with earlier versions.

For more information, read the full README.

You can also download the complete distribution. The previous version, version 1.1, is still available.

Oss-license-extract was created by myself for Arbor Networks, Inc., who kindly agreed to release it under the OpenBSD LICENSE as a donation to the open source and BSD communities.

If you would like to contribute to oss-license-extract, please send any changes to "Scott Iekel-Johnson"