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Tell me about Portastatic
Slow Note from a Sinking Ship

  1. When You Crashed
  2. Skinny Glasses Girl
  3. San Andreas
  4. Taking You With Me
  5. The Angels of Sleep
  6. A Cunning Latch
  7. Spooky
  8. The Great Escape
  9. Running Water
  10. You Can’t Win
  11. Isn’t That The Way
  12. On Our Hands
  13. Pastime
  14. In the Manner of Anne Frank
  15. hidden track
Recorded at Duck Kee Studios
and Mac’s living room on a 4-track (1995)
Merge records mrg086cd

The LP Version adds a song called “Your Own Cloud” and is minus “Spooky” and the long-last song. The lp also has a different sequence:

  1. Your Own Cloud
  2. San Andreas
  3. Skinny Glasses Girl
  4. When You Crashed
  5. You Can’t Win
  6. Running Water
  7. A Cunning Latch
  8. The Great Escape
  9. Isn’t That The Way
  10. Taking You With Me
  11. On Our Hands
  12. The Angels of Sleep
  13. Pastime
  14. In the Manner of Anne Frank

i hope your heart is not brittle

  1. mute2
  2. polaroid
  3. gutter
  4. naked pilseners
  5. tree killer
  6. creeping around
  7. weird time
  8. silver screw
  9. beer and chocolate bars
  10. had
  11. memphis
  12. receiver
  13. why have you come back
  14. the main thing
Recorded at duck kee studios
and also on 4-track cassette--about half and half

Portastatic Extras

“Spying on the Spys” b/w “Do You Want to Buy a Bridge?”
Two new songs recorded on four whole tracks, just vocals, acoustic guitar and some sparse organ. (7") --October 1996

Merge--5 Rows of Teeth: “codes, runes, dunes”

A Day in the Park compilation on the now sound label: “look, honey, peaches” on cd, lp, 7" boxset.

“Naked Pilsners”, “feel better”, “josephine” (magnetic fields cover) on cd

“starter” b/w “teenage kicks” and “dragging a cow” on 18 wheeler records. teenage kicks is an undertones cover. this 7" was originally on blue wax, but now its on black.

“san andreas crouch” b/w “candy cigarettes” and “race you home” 7" on esther records. this is a diiferent recording of san andreas, hence the different name.

Scrapbook ep: either 2x7" or a cd, on merge. the 2x7" songs are: “st elmo’s fire”, “why pinch yourself”, “a bear that chokes” and “my favorite sound”. The cd adds “scrapbook x’s”,which is also on the “sandals with white socks” 7". and why pinch... and a bear... are on a hello cd of the month cd. st elmo’s is a brian eno cover, and has 2/3 of yo la tengo on it.

“sandals with white socks” b/w “guessing” and “scrapbook x’s” 7" on 18 wheeler records.

Ow, Quit It, Vol. 2: “weighted raft” 2x7" on volvolo records. this set also has sentridoh on it.

Hello cd of the month, February 1994 songs are: “slant roof”, “a bear that chokes”, “why pinch yourself” and “flat roof”. Hello cds are this set of eps by various bands, and is put out by they might be giants. the series is in its third year now.

Speed Kills magazine has just released issue #7, it came out in September or October (1995), i can’t remember. Anyway, it came with a bonus 10" (SK/SCP-007, 1995) featuring a brand new portastatic song entitled “useless switch.” The 10" also features three other bands: back off cupids, flying saucer attack, and a handful of dust. --Mike

Also, mac put out another 7" entitled “Guessing,” (1995) and it was released on 18 Wheeler.


A Microphone and a Box of Dirt

According to the liner notes, all of these songs were recorded to 4- track cassette in New York city between 1988 and 1990. Tracks 13-18 originally appeared as the Winterspring cassette and were recorded by Andrew Webster (Tsunami) and Mac McCaughan. Tracks 1-12 were recorded by Mac, Andrew, Josh Phillips and Laura Cantrell. Tracks 1,5,6-8 have appeared on Merge Records vinyl 7"s. Track 9 appeared on Simple Machines Records 7" Pulley compilation.
the songs are:

  1. A History of Lies
  2. Hand of a Swede
  3. Losing Track (of the red line)
  4. You Shouldn’t Have Smashed Your Guitar
  5. Smoking Hooch with the Flume Dude
  6. The Girl With the Carrot Skin
  7. The Mountain Goes to Mohammed
  8. The Sturgeon
  9. Spy Kitty
  10. Glue Gun Girl
  11. The Price of Admirality
  12. Washing You at the Border
  13. Monopoly
  14. Boiler (10)
  15. Winterspring
  16. Should Be Going Home
  17. Strike
  18. Drilling
Working Holidays Party Pass

  1. don’t hog the nog, zog (winter 1989)
  2. alibanian magi (winter 1989)
  3. hello my name is
two previously unreleased bricks songs (#’s 1 and 2) and the b-side is the working holidays theme song by cocktails with all the people who helped put the whole project together, having a small section to say thier name or whatever. the bricks songs are great. a must find for bricks fans. for working holiday members only. simple machines release.

Another pre-Superchunk Mac band. Recorded a demo, which I have never seen, a 7" on a really obscure label (my roomie has it) and a double 7" that I have. Not very exciting, but interesting. One of their tracks appears on the 5 rows of teeth comp from Merge.

“pumpkin” b/w “inn town” also on meat records
the wwax 7" pumpkin/inn town was ORIGINALLY released on leopard gecko, then rereleased on meat records. and its from 1989.

like it or not 7" ep on merge 1989 Seam
Mac used to drum for them

the “blacklisted” double seven-inch set on meat records:

1st 7"

  1. blacklisted
  2. calendar
2nd 7"

  1. this long
  2. sleep
  3. lost at ten
this double 7" is from one of mac’s first bands. here mac played guitar and sang. the songs are similar to older chunk (pre foolish type stuff) but have more of a hardcore edge to them. these are not all the songs recorded the slushpuppies, but only a few.

Mac is on the 6ths WASPS’ NESTS cd/cass/4x7", singing a song called “dream hat”, to stephin merritts music.

Jim Wilbur was in a band called “Humidifier” with John and Annie of Spent, for which i have the “Gazer EP” (Meat Records).

and from Dan:
Jon and I went to high school together. He played in a band called “Hair Club for Men”. Also in a band whose name I can’t remember which actually was sort of a semi-gospel group. [Both were fairly short-lived. The second one especially so.]

I only ever saw them perform once, very briefly, at a friend’s graduation party. In fact, I only heard the band for a few seconds. I spent most of the party waiting for AAA to come and pull me out of the ditch I had accidently backed into while turning around. :(

Also, Jon played in a band called “Mister Happy”. They were one of the acts on the bill at the very first concert of The Dead Milkmen.

His brother Lane reminded me of Jon’s involvement in our school musicals. He had a bit part in Oklahoma. I printed up publicity flyers which said: Starring Jon Wurster saying, “He’s thrifty, alright.”

Small 23
Oh, btw, if any hasn’t mentioned this yet, Chuck Garrison (Superchunk’s original drummer) is the drummer for Small 23 (I believe these days they go by just Small). They have 3 albums and some eps on Alias. They’re definitely of the Superchunk mold. I’d say their best album is the first, True Zero Hook, in case anyone wants to check it out. --Todd