Damn! I would have gotten number 5001! (or) I’ve been eyeing that cat on the cover for weeks. What does this Laughter Guns deal sound like? Yes, I have space for an 8 bit mono, 35 second, 565Kb .wav file, recorded at 16kHz--give it to me!

If you don’t have Here’s Where the Strings Come In or have never heard Superchunk before, this sample should give you a good idea of what their current sound is. It was made by taking parts from 7 tracks on Strings and 2 from the Hyper Enough single--take a listen. 60 seconds | 8 bit mono 22kHz | 1.3Meg

Here’s two samples from their previous album, Foolish. They’re both 19 seconds, 8 bit mono 22kHz, and 440kb in size, originally from SPIN OnLine, I think. the first part and why do you have to put a date on everything.

You’ll have to stay up way past your bedtime to see this video on MTV. So get it here while you’re wasting time at work. We’re serving up a 30 second quicktime version (2.2M) coming straight from the monkey’s mouth. And if that’s not good enough for you, get the streaming version in either low power or high power from Are Oh Vee.