speed kills

The Question is How Fast

Recorded at west beach 9/92
Merge records mrg034cd

  1. the question is how fast
  2. forged it (non-lp)
  3. 100,000 fireflies (non-lp) (Magnetic Fields cover)
Hit Self-Destruct

Recorded at Kraptone in Chapel Hill, NC 11/4/92
All songs by Superchunk except “Lying in State” by the Verlaines
CREEP 023 CD Hippy Knight Records

  1. Cadmium
  2. Throwing Things (acoustic version)
  3. Lying in State (Verlaines cover)
Driveway to Driveway

Acoustic tracks recorded on a 4-track at Mac’s house, Summer 1994
Merge mrg069cd

  1. driveway to driveway
  2. seed toss [acoustic]
  3. sick to move [acoustic]
  4. driveway to driveway [acoustic]
Speed Kills Number Six (bonus)

45 recorded for Speed Kills 1994

Home at Dawn


1 and 2 were recorded at Duck Kee Studios, 3 was live from U. of London Union May ‘92
Merge mrg027cd

  1. mower (different from lp version)
  2. on the mouth
  3. fishing (live)

The First Part

Recorded at pachyderm 12/93
Merge mrg059cd

  1. the first part
  2. connecticut (jim sings)
  3. foolish
Other Singles

“Train From Kansas City”/“My Noise”
“Tower”/"What Do I”
“The Breadman”/“Cast Iron”
“Ribbon”/“Who Needs Light”
Precision Auto Remixes 7" (Merge): “Precision Auto Part 3”
Teryaki Asthma, and all that stuff

december working holiday 7" -a split 7" with caterpiller, on simple machines. and the same song is on the working holiday compilation cd, which has about 22 songs, but is missing 2 songs from the series.

“tower” ep
side 1:fishing,tower side 2:train from kansas city, what do i

the first printing was of 1000 (200 on green/800 on purple) the second printing is on yellow wax, but i have no clue how many were made and it’s on this label:

messiah complex
po box A566
sydney south, 2000, australia

this damn thing cost me $10 for the 2nd printing a while ago, but i forgot about it. jim

tower 7" this seven inch was released in australia on messiah complex records. it is really hard to find import that contains no “new” songs, but it is a superchunk release. the songs are

1. fishing (11.90)
2. tower (11.90)
3. train from kansas city (8.89)
4. what do i (8.89)
all songs on this 7" are taken from their original albulm recordings except for tower, but sounds similar to the no pocky version ( if i remember correctly) the numbers after the songs are the recording dates, not the length. no release date, but i supect it was in middle of 1990, but i am not sure because it is an import.

tiny meteroids (title appears on 7", but not on cover)
john peel session may 31,1992
1.let it go
2.tie a rope...

extra chunky
live at the whisky a go-go,
los angeles, CA 2/11/92

1. cool
2. the breadman

foolish 7"

1. foolish
2. (no song, but a cool drawing/inscription type thing)

came inside the first copies of the l.p. one sided. same resion found on first part seven inch and incidental music.

persion auto parts 2 and 3

1. persion auto part 2
2. persion auto part 3
part 1 appears on “on the mouth”, while 2 and 3( both of the latter versions were mixed by mark robinson of eggs/air miami/teenbeat) were released as the merge 50 7". both songs are ultra wierd versions of the original, were robinson used a moog to “enhance” the song, and eliminating some guitar tracks(i believe). i think it was relesed two years ago, some time after the holiday season because i ordered it that spring sometime. i know you already had this listed, but i didn't know if you actualy had it, or had just heard rumors. as you know, the 2nd version appears as a bonus track on incidental music. Josh.

Compilation Submissions and Extras:

Freedom of Choice: “Girl U Want”

Fortune Cookie Suprise (Beat Happening Tribute): “Nancy Sin” (Laura sings!)

5 Rows of Teeth (Merge 5 years comp): “Dancing Lessons”

Pyloric Waves: “Invitation”

Self Mutilation Comp (Aussie label): “Cool” (acoustic)

Inclined Plane, the last of the original Simple Machines 7" series that the label of the same name put out. It was a single 7" with Tsunami/Superchunk (“baxter” is the track) and Rodan/Unrest... SM put out a CD of the whole series, because the 7"s are, for the most part, long gone.

Split 7" with Tsunami (Honney Bear records): “Kicked In” (acoustic)
a limited pressing of only 2000. there's a gingerbread house on the cover.

a Dope Guns and Fucking in the Streets, Vol 8 comp 7": “Basement Life”

Working Holiday Weekend live comp 7": “From the Curve” (live)

Simple Machines Comp--The Machines 1990-1993: “Baxter”

There is an Austalian tour EP which contains the three acoustic songs from the merge 7" and also the following live tracks recorded in NYC with some funky synth shit:
“You Cheat Yourself of Everything that Moves” (live)-(Verlaines Cover)
“Fishing” (live)
“The Only Piece That You Get” (live)

The John Peel 7":
“Fishing” (live)
“Tie a Rope to the Back of the Bus” (live)
and two other live songs but I can't remember which ones

Glastonbury `94 - In A Field Of Their Own, Vol. 2: “Seed Toss (live)” (it’s a british lp)

Jerky Boys Soundtrack: “Shallow End”

Live Video: University of London--“Take the Tube”

This is all a mess. I want something ordered, something neater, something semi-complete. I want a discography from stux. PS. If you are stux and you have an email address that works now, please send it to me and I will post the credit. Thanks for sending this in, by the way.