January 2000: It's been almost 2 years to the day since I last updated the site. My apologies to everyone, but when a hobby turns into work, it's time to move on. So I guess like most everything on the net, this site will be frozen in 1998. Fortunately, the band has their own very official site at superchunk.com and I know for a fact Jon is always up on it. So give them my best and get the new-ish record -- Come Pick Me Up.

Take care, kids.

Nov 6: Tour dates for Europe! Get 'em while they're hot.

Oct 24: Well, where to start? First off: Sonicnet is hosting another Superchunk chat on Tuesday 28 October at 7PM EST. So go talk to them! Other things: I recently received a bunch of old photos of the band from Jon--pics from tours, in the studio, general mayhem and nonsense. It'll probably be another couple weeks before I find the time to sort through them and scan a bunch in. Sorry bout that. All my time is being sucked away by my thesis. Even more than before. Grrr. I'll try to do my best. In the meantime, get on the mailing list if you aren't already--ask Dave to set you up. That's where the most recent stuff comes in first. I promise at least next time I'll be back in sooner than a month... Matt.

Sept 21: Hey kids, I know it's been a while. Indoor Living is out. Get it! We've got more tour dates and hopefully by this evening, the sound samples and a page for Indoor Living. Untill then...

Aug 31: Indoor Living (the new album) has been moved back due to the UPS strike, so look for it in stores on the 9th. Be sure to check back here on the 3rd for a sneak listen at a few track samples (tasty!)

Mmm. Smell that news. Plus! Now in stock: tour dates. Aug 14: Part 2 of the interview with Mr. Wurster has arrived! Almost finished in the update department.

Aug 12: Article on the Chunksters in Option from right around the time of Incidental. (Came with the press release). Still updating!

Aug 9: Fresh baked news! and a sooperdooper interview with Jon Wurster. Or check out the Merge press release for the new album. Most updates done. Lyrics updates next. Whoo!

Aug 2: Still plowing through the updates. See the shocking photo essay from behind the studio doors! Updates will be finished soon, soon, soon. Promise.

Hey! How was the portastatic show at nyu?

It's a month away from the end of the term, so you're superbusy and aren't really going to redesign this whole silly thing, are you?

It's spring! And that means it's time for the annual Independent Music Fest in NYC! You'll be delighted to know that Portastatic is kicking things off on April 3, at 6:10.

If you're really into the panel & symposium side of things, the wonderful people at IMF have asked me to talk on a panel of indie internet lackies about the net and indie music. So come say hi and tell me to get my act together.

Beep! Beep! News!

Yes, but what does this Laughter Guns thing sound like?

Rocking photos from Australia, courtesy of Nick.

Chatting it up with Laura in Stay Free!

Waterfront records in Australia has what the completists want.

I can't find this Superchunk/Portastatic 7 inch!
I need to order it from the label! But where!?

Various Superchunk reviews from Green Mountain Music Review,
as well as a bunch of tasty reviews of other excellent bands.

Todd is starting a Spinanes fan page, but is a little short on info. He would really appreciate it if you could help him out with whatever Spinanes stuff you've got.

New lyrics for The Laughter Guns ep and Slow Note; new tab for Home at Dawn, Like a Fool and Shallow End; plus a whole bunch of other little tweaks and updates floating around.

Grit did an on-line interview with me about this site and Superchunk and all kinds of other interesting little tid bits. Take a listen; it's in real audio.

Merge is on-line! Complete with Merge news, new releases, the complete mail order catalog, tour dates for bunches of Merge bands, and (of course) icons by Laura. Be forwarned, though--the words and pictures option is mighty big and slow.

The Merge 1996 Catalog
courtesy of the Superchunk Internationale (e)Mailing List.
You can also find a picture pretty version at Merge Records.

Just look at what you missed:
July 27th--Vanish benifit show in Durham, NC featured Superchunk, Polvo, The Archers of Loaf, The Flat Duo Jets, Capsize 7, Eugene Chadbourne, June, Pipe, The William Christ Supercarr, and Zen Frisbee.

Spiv compares a Japanese band called Moga the ¥ 5 to Superchunk.

T-Shirt show story from Matt Parker

A cool poster from a Superchunk, Drive Like Jehu, Polvo and Tanner show in Colorado.

A whole bunch of new and newly reorganized articles, interviews, photos, tab, and discography.