January 2000: It's been almost 2 years to the day since I last updated the site. My apologies to everyone, but when a hobby turns into work, it's time to move on. So I guess like most everything on the net, this site will be frozen in 1998. Fortunately, the band has their own very official site at superchunk.com and I know for a fact Jon is always up on it. So give them my best and get the new-ish record -- Come Pick Me Up.

Take care, kids.

24 October:

Hi all.
It's senior thesis time, which means I'll be even sorrier in updating the page (for at least until the end of November, then hopefully things will wane a little). But check back every now and again; I've got a slew of photos from Jon to scan in. Lots of choice cuts from as far back as 91. Tour shots, studio shots, road shots, on and on. When I have a semi-free day, I'll scan a bunch in. Until then, go see them on the road.


So I guess this a very brief FAQ
about the history of this mess:

Q. Where'd this come from? What's the deal here?

A. This edition is about the fourth or fifth revision of what started as a short list of the Superchunk albums I owned at the time, along with a few liner scans. Since then (February of 1995) this site has grown tremendously with the help and knowledge of hundreds of fans like you (and you and you). It's really become an amalgamation of everything people on the net have sent in--so keep sending!

It's grown so much in fact, that sometime last year it became kind of an official fan page. Kevin, at Duke, showed the pages to John (not the drummer) at Merge and they've been so nice as to link on over here from the official Merge Records site.

Q. I don't have time to wait for big pictures. This had better load fast.

A. Not to worry, bandwith gestapos: almost all the images are five, four or three bit .gifs (mostly four bit) as well as the .gif animations at the beginning (the rest are really really tiny .jpgs).

Use Netscape 2.02 and up. If you're hardcore and want to use Lynx, that'll work too. If you're using Internet Exploiter, things will look a bit schrunched (because this site was originally designed for Netscape). Maybe someday I'll re-tailor it to Exploiter because it's a better design-based browser than Netscape. Right now, let me bask in the backlash against Microsoft and their shady business practices.

If you want to contact the band, write to:
Merge Records P.O. Box 1235, Chapel Hill, NC 27514

or email: