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september 28, 2002

lots of ppl in the bsd community are sick of gnu politics attached to everything, so we're actively looking for alternatives to all sorts of gnu software. this includes gcc. an alternative to look at is the tendra compiler, a bsd liscenced c and c++ compiler.

speaking of c++, i'm actually looking at learing c++. i find that my oo code is far more useful and reusable than my c code is. i'm designing better, and i'm happy about that. so why not learn c++? a i just dont like the c++ defacto style:

// set value from string
void String::set(char *s) {
  delete[] str;                     // deallocate old string
  lth = strlen(s);                  // set length of new string
  str = new char[lth+1];            // alloc space for string and terminator
  strcpy(str, s);                   // copy string and terminator
holy crap, people, learn to indent and block to make youre code more legible!

my allergies seem to have abated. i think my body is just too exhausted to make any more snot.

september 27, 2002

it was a busy week but i'm back with my book and have passed the 40,000 word mark. well on track to get this puppy done. i have been doing some historical listing on it and among the things i am discussing is the old archie system. kids, go way back before the web had a gui and telnet was the coolest thing, back with bitnet gateways and the like ... archie. you wanted to see what was out there? telnet that was cool.

anyhow, looking for a reference: the paper is often on the net as and is cited as P. Deutsch A. Emtage. Archie - An Electronic Directory Service for the Internet. In Proceedings of Usenix, January 1992.. if you have a postscript copy you can point me to, please do.

six easy steps to hello kitty in a BSD daemon outfit. cheap easy fun.

september 23, 2002

so many words ... lost. due to a mistake with cvs last night i lost about 10,000 words in my worm book, representing much of the worm i have done since early august. ouch ...

found something interesting in the headers of the "messsage" generated by Pine (it creates message 1 in any folder for internal use):

X-IMAP: 1013620701 0000094161 lesbo, homo, lesbian, anarchism, nazi, communism, CIA, bomb,
looks like someone ws having some fun writing censorware bait.

cert used to have some pretty cool and information rich advisories. to wit, the wank worm.

september 21, 2002

yow. sorry for the delay. a few things to note:

working on my worms book, so i have been reading CERT stuff all day. wow, they are useless. yes, sven, you heard me: useless. at usenix last month i bitched to a friend about this and how NIPC are also functionally useless. someone looks over and glares. its sven. yes sven, CERT is useless. they provide so little information when in fact it's just floating about on lists. it would be nice if they put their stamp of approval on it sometimes so that people knew they could trust it.

doesn't matter if you're in CERT's cabal, i think they are useless. shut them down or quit pretending to serve the Internet public.

one more chapter to write for this section, but i need to go back and flesh out some other pieces in the first two sections. i think i will let it sit and brew for a while.

lastly, a recipe:

rice pudding

1 cup short grain rice
1.5 cups milk
.25 cups white sugar
.25 cups brown sugar
2 tbsp vanilla
ground cinnemon for garnish

cook the rice in the milk and the sugar, slowly. make it nice and mushy rice. near the end mix in the vanilla. slow heat is the key. to serve: serve it warm or cold, your pick, with a dash of cinnemon on top. yum.

september 7, 2002

released version 0.2 of pdfsearch, which now handles word docs and ppt presentations, too.

september 6, 2002

work's going well. skipped out yesterday for a very cool talk by thomas ball on the slam tool, used in evaluating device drivers. i have been hanging around my microsoft friends too much, a job there looks like fun. alas, i love my arbor, we'll see what my future holds.

allergies are driving me nuts. i patiently await the first frost of the season ...

someone sent me a cool little tk widget which allows me to enter URLs and direct my browser at them. very handy. thanks! i love random code snippets. which reminds me, i need to get 0.2 of pdfsearch out ...

i installed EMACS on my laptop last night. i don't like the key bindings at all or the bloat, or the philosophy of it at all. however i do like the development plugins i can get for it. so, i was going to use "viper-mode", which means vi key bindings (super efficient for me, moreso than EMACS' carpal tunnel inducing control sequences). installed it, which caused my laptop to lock up for over a minute. finally got it working, started using it and when i went to save a file i had edited it bitched me out. wtf!? it's like RMS' own little clippy. "are you sure you want to save this file? i see it's not covered by the GPL!" bite me. pkg_delete emacs-20.7.

some food. my mom's recipe for flan, a custard desert. my first attempt turned out ok, but not great. i need to perfect my skills, so i am making another one tonight.


6 eggs plus 1 egg yolk
13 fl. oz. eavaporated milk (ie carnation)
2 tbsp vanilla
1 cup plus 1/2 cup sugar

in a small cake pan (ie a 9in diameter pan) melt 1 cup of the sugar slowly over medium high heat. don't let it burn. once that's done, let it cool until it hardens.

in a big bowl mix the 1/2 cup sugar with the evaporated milk, eggs, and vanilla. mix well.

pour the egg/milk mixture through a fine mesh strainer to remove any egg solids and into the pan with the carmelized sugar. cook at 350 degrees F in a water filled pan (like you would a cheesecake) for one hour. let cool to room temp and then chill overnight.

to serve, bring it back up to room temperature, then invert it on a nice serving dish (ie a glass cake platter). serves 12 easily, maybe more. some people don't like to eat a lot since its so sweet and rich.

september 3, 2002

plotted the firewall hits i've been seeing since april. nothing stands out as a trend ... although the http hits don't follow a nice worm trend ...

more food:

sweet potato pie

4 large sweet potatoes, skinned and chopped
3 tbsp butter

1/2 cup brown sugar
1 tbsp cinnemon
1 tbsp flour
1/2 cup chopped nuts (walnuts)
1/2 tsp nutmeg
1/4 tbsp butter

boil the potatoes in water, drain, mash with the butter.

in a food processor, chop the nuts. add the brown sugar, flour, and spices. blend with the butter until a find mixture.

in a pie pan, spread the mashed sweet potatoes. top with the crumb topping. bake at 350'F for 25 minutes, serve cooled to just above room temp.

cherry french toast breakfast

8 pieces of texas toast
2 eggs
1/4 cup water
1 package philly cream cheese
1 cup cherries, pitted and stemed
1/2 cup sugar

cook the cherries with the sugar until they start to pop in their own juice. set aside.

whisk the eggs with the water and cook the texas toast as you would normal french toast.

to serve: place one piece of french toast on a plate, layer in some cream cheese, top with 1/4 cup cherries in sauce, top with the second piece of french toast.

serves four

pics up of our vacation. not much to say right now, pretty busy cooking. i'll share the recipes asap.