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March 02, 2015

WhatsApp Web Client Now Available on Firefox and Opera Browsers
infosec « Tag Feed

Its been a long time coming, but now the users of Firefox and Opera browsers dont need to re

Natural Grocers Investigating Card Breach
Krebs on Security

Sources in the financial industry tell KrebsOnSecurity they have traced a pattern of fraud on customer credit and debit cards suggesting that hackers have tapped into cash registers at Natural Grocers locations across the country. The grocery chain says i

Companies expects others to protect them against DDoS attacks
infosec « Tag Feed

One in five businesses surveyed believe that their online services should be protected against DDoS

March 01, 2015

Feds Admit Stingrays Can Disrupt Cell Service of Bystanders
Wired: Threat Level

Feds Admit Stingrays Can Disrupt Cell Service of Bystanders

For years the government has kept mum about its use of a p

The Plot to Free North Korea With Reruns of Friends
Wired: Threat Level

The Plot to Free North Korea With Reruns of ‘Friends’

On a cloudy, moonless night somewhere in northeastern China, three me

Webnic Registrar Blamed for Hijack of Lenovo, Google Domains
infosec « Tag Feed

Two days ago, attackers allegedly associated with the fame-seeking group Lizard Squad briefly hijack

Anthem & Sim Heist Updates - Daily Security Byte EP.31
infosec « Tag Feed

Two of the latest and biggest information security stories have gotten more interesting. Watch the v

Gemalto Confirms It Was Hacked But Insists the NSA Didnt Get Its Crypto Keys
infosec « Tag Feed

As the the company confirmed the hacks, it downplayed their significance, insisting that the attacke

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